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Rjukan Hytteby's cabins are copies of the first worker's homes built in conjuction with the industrial movement at the beginning of the 1900's.

These houses are situated on the west side of town and called "Flekkebyen" (the spotted town) because of alle the different colours used on the houses. This is why Rjukan Hytteby's cabins are also different colours.

Rjukan Hytteby's cabins fit in beautifully with Rjukan's environment and surroundings.

• Rjukan Hytteby is located in quiet neighborhood in          the center of Rjukan.

• All units are equipped with bathrooms with showers,      and WC.

• Free WiFi and cable TV

• Reception with café

• Parking at every cabin

• Electric car charger (Type 2)


Cabin at winter

Small cabins

small cabins, summer, Rjukan Hytteby


Cabins by the river at night
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