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The construction of Rjukan Hytteby started in 1989. The cabins are situated in a very central part of Rjukan, and because of this, it was of outmost importance, that they blended in with the local arcitecture.

Consequently, the cabins are quite similar to the worker's quarters Hydro built in Rjukan in the early 1900's.

The cabins have been upgraded a number of times since 1989, both inside and outside, while all this time quality has been a major priority, something I hope our guests can both see and sense.


Rjukan Hytteby is Eco-Lighthouse certified. Our guests can therefore rest assured that we are working at all levels to reduce our climate footprint. We hope our guests also will help us in this work by sorting waste, reducing electricity consumption, for example by turning off the lights when you are out and making sure that heating is kept at the lowest confortable level. We are very happy to receive suggestions from you for improvements or new environmental measures. We are happy to receive any suggestions at Information about our company and the environmental measures can be found at this link


Employees at Rjukan Hytteby

Original houses in "Flekkebyen". Photo from early 1900's.

Flekkebyen, Rjukan early 1900´s

Rjukan Hytteby 2015

Rjukan Hytteby 2015
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